Our Vision

Shaping the future of gaming

Transforming field experience from gaming operations into intelligent solutions that meet customer needs in the digital era and create value for all stakeholders in sustainable ways.

Seeing the bigger picture
Values matter. They have the power to bring out the best in us and reflect our determination to always keep the bigger picture in sight. By remaining true to a set of inspiring and energizing core principles and values we broaden our perspective, develop our capabilities and create new possibilities. Driven by them, we can better navigate the waves of change, build on our vision and not only anticipate but actually shape the future. Our values are the key incentive that informs our mission to seek new insights in an era of evolving technology, changing communications and expanding knowledge. They are not just our starting point. They are our journey. To remain on the cutting edge and help shape the future. To retain our leading position in the gaming industry by consistently offering best-of-breed solutions to our customers and delivering real and sustainable value to all stakeholders. To stay ahead of the game and always keep the player at the center.

Our Mission
To deliver innovation driven by experience. To modernize licensed lotteries in today’s digital world and supply them with entertaining gaming options, exciting omnichannel content, integrated best-in-class technology solutions, flexible future-proof platforms and value added services. To operate lotteries in a secure, reliable and transparent manner, consistently providing engaging player experiences across all verticals.

Our Values
Our values, the keystones of our corporate culture, have earned us the trust and confidence of employees and customers alike. At žžƵ we are driven by our passion for achieving challenging goals, our unwavering focus on innovative market-driven solutions and our dogged commitment to customer satisfaction. Our company embraces the principles of responsible gaming, embedding them in both our offerings and our operations and effectively communicating them to all stakeholders. We are also guided by the values of teamwork, knowledge sharing, transparency and accountability, and remain firmly committed to the idea that gaming should always support good causes that consistently deliver significant and lasting social benefits.