The successful implementation of a Digital Transformation journey relies largely on building solid and comprehensive online customer/ player acquisition strategies. These strategies, which are fundamental in achieving online sales’ targets and bringing additional value to operators, enable players to find online products - either websites or mobile apps - through all available digital channels and to become purchasing customers from warm leads.

Based on our experience in online operations, we have tuned-in our digital products and services to successfully cover all aspects of an online acquisition strategy:

  • Acquisition cost: How much does it cost to bring each new customer in? This is crucial for determining acquisition budgets and is directly linked to the profitability of the online business. To define the acquisition cost, a lot of parameters (such as player yield, pricing policy, churn and lifetime value) should be considered.
  • Target audience: Who are the potential customers? Where are they? What do they need? What are they interested in?
  • Acquisition channels: e-mail/ push notification campaigns, Search Engine Optimization, Paid online advertising (online ads through Google AdWords, Facebook, etc.), content marketing (blogs, articles) and affiliate marketing. Selecting the appropriate blend, based on reach, acquisition cost and ROI, requires extensive business and operational knowhow.

Designing and implementing a digital customer acquisition strategy depends on the online ecosystem being able to support its execution. For example, investing in customer acquisition through Paid ads or Organic Search is meaningless if the portal does not support SEO features or if there is no way of measuring the results of these actions. Therefore, when designing our online products, we focus on acquisition-related features and we are ready to work with operators to plan and implement acquisition strategies that will be continuously enhanced to optimize ROI through testing, monitoring/ measurement, and analysis of results.