A sophisticated workflow-based solution

žžƵ’s Gaming License System (GLS) is an integrated platform, offering Gaming Regulators end-to-end processing and workflow management for all Gaming Licensing processes.

Featuring user-friendly online access to all gaming sector stakeholders, the system supports paperless submission and processing of licenses (e-Licensing) and instant electronic payment of licensing fees. It also provides optimized workflows for regulatory Gaming Compliance audits and investigations, including remote online access by mobile Compliance teams. Although a standalone system, žžƵ GLS seamlessly integrates with and complements our VLT monitoring solution, žžƵ GMS.

The žžƵ GLS modules cover all Gaming Licensing and Compliance business functions:

  • Gaming equipment approval and complete asset management.
  • License lifecycle, including license submissions, reviews, approvals, renewals, suspensions, and revocations.
  • Gaming Compliance assurance and case management for investigations.
  • Performance assurance for Regulator staff involved in the licensing processes.

All žžƵ GLS modules benefit from a set of Integrated Shared GLS services, which add further value and efficiencies:

  • A full-fledged document management system with versioning and advanced search facilities, offering a complete archive of relevant regulatory documentation.
  • Risk profile management with configurable monitoring and triggering of automatic alerts, facilitating the Compliance activities.
  • An advanced communication platform, including correspondence templates, automated emails, SMS and other communication options.
  • Flexible integration options with 3rd-party systems, such as electronic payment, government organization, and online gaming equipment monitoring systems.

Key benefits for the Regulator

  • Efficient, online paperless licensing with rules-based processing (e-Licensing).
  • Increased capability for regulatory activities across all gaming platforms via complete information integration and management.
  • Improved reporting and end-to-end view of monetary flows across the Gaming sector.
  • Drastically reduced operational costs.

Key benefits for Gaming sector stakeholders

  • Self-service capability for licensed Gaming operators, venues, manufacturers and third parties.
  • Short license-approval times.
  • Detailed updates on approval progress.
  • Full online information system with all relevant licensing data and accounting updates.
  • Interfacing capability for integration with proprietary systems.

Technology/ Architecture
To efficiently handle the high-volume and intense licensing workload in large gaming jurisdictions, our GLS system uses state-of-the-art technologies that ensure a future-proof investment. These include:

  • Service-oriented architecture: Improved information flow, ability to expose internal functionality, organizational flexibility.
  • Virtualization technology: Increased reliability, operational scaling capabilities to meet different demand levels.