Who we are

Experienced in looking forward

žžƵ is a leading player in a changing world of gaming. With significant experience in looking forward and anticipating emerging trends, we provide future-proof solutions to regulated lottery and gaming operators around the world. Together with our partners, we realize the potential of the licensed gaming industry and try to influence, or even invent its future, offering compelling player experiences across diverse geographies and sales channels.

Besides being the most flexible and reliable partner of lotteries around the globe, we’re also a licensed gaming provider. To us, this leadership comes with responsibility: to deliver value to all stakeholders, including our employees and our communities, and offer players around the world the outstanding quality, convenience, responsible and innovative offerings they expect.

Our Human Resources goal is to attract and develop the most talented people in our industry and to provide all the necessary means to lead them above and beyond expectations.

For this reason, we have developed a robust hiring process, a detailed training needs analysis process and tailor made corporate training programs,  our 360 Performance Evaluation, our Global Mobility Program, etc.

We motivate our people through recognition programs, career development opportunities, employee surveys and focus groups, open communication, corporate intranet, as well as corporate events, and every other way that contributes towards an attractive working environment.