Sports Betting Operations

Bet on Excellence

From state monopolies to fully competitive landscapes, žžƵ’s proven record in handling a diverse payout portfolio and ensuring profitability, stability and competence in all regulated environments, allows us to offer advanced betting services that effectively address the revenue-boosting needs of operators. Empowered by these certified services and benefiting from our multi-jurisdictional synergies and 24/7, centralized risk-monitoring capabilities, operators can now achieve and maintain a business continuum, while experiencing exceptional levels of quality, reliability and flexibility.

Managed Trading Services
In a Fixed Odds Betting environment, Managed Trading is a core business function aimed at minimizing operational risk and maximizing Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR). Coupled with advanced technology and cutting-edge tools, žžƵ's Trading Services handle the risk inherent in fixed-odds betting operations, balancing product attractiveness with profitability.

Our Managed Trading Services include pricing strategy setup and risk management, featuring:

  • Local competition monitoring and betting patterns' analysis.
  • Sportsbook content localization and adjustment of generic odds to local market conditions.
  • Pre-game and in-play market trading through our in-house developed algorithmic pricing.
  • Unique trading features, such as real-time liability exposure screens and high-risk combination suspensions.
  • First-in-the-market pricing, as needed.
  • Trading per jurisdiction.


Player Services
In keeping with our product strategy and roadmap, we focus on delivering a wide range of engaging services that add value to the overall player experience and drive customer acquisition and retention. Our player services include:

  • Campaign and loyalty management, including bonusing and promotions.
  • Customer support.
  • Responsible gaming safeguards.
  • Payment optimization.
  • Fraud management.

Betting Consulting Services
To efficiently cover all aspects of managing Sports Betting operations, we offer advanced consulting services, including:

  • Strategic business planning.
  • Product and Offering design and development.
  • Betting product production.
  • TV post production.