Registered Player

Today, as the boundaries between online and retail become increasingly blurry and the need for a unified omni-channel player experience is stronger than ever, gaming operators must have the tools and services necessary to effectively manage their most valuable asset; the player. Once players are identifiable (by providing their email address, mobile phone number, device ID or any other unique personal identifier), operators need to track them and make it easy and appealing for them to fully register. Moreover, they have to continue offering high-quality personalized services across all channels to keep players engaged and retained for the maximum time possible, while proactively educating them on responsible gaming practices.

žžƵ’s centralized Player Account Management and Wallet solutions incorporate all the functions required to convert, manage and protect players, maximizing their lifetime value and reducing churn in the most effective, simple, responsible and user-friendly way. Our innovative platforms offer a comprehensive range of functionalities, including advanced segmentation, loyalty, bonus & promotion, centralized management, limits, fraud protection and rich reports. Player cards – both virtual and physical – allow players to use their account and funds in both retail and online channels and enjoy a seamless, unified experience. Access to player history across channels and devices is available through mobile and web applications. One-step payments allow for easy wallet top-up, while in-store cashless solutions reduce player interaction time. Responsible gaming and risk/ fraud management features enable operators to educate and protect their customers, offering them a safe gaming experience.

Additionally, žžƵ solutions expose numerous API services that allow operators to link their platforms with other proprietary or third-party systems. By collecting and retaining all data related to the identifiable/ registered player lifecycle, our products can drive other platforms, feeding all relevant information via API, while consuming external data for smart decision-making. Typical external systems, already pre-integrated to žžƵ products, include, among others, payment aggregators and providers, BI and analytics, risk and fraud management, CMS, helpdesk, campaign management, and affiliates management.