LotosX Omni

žžƵ LotosX Omni, evolving from omnichannel to omni-experience gaming solution

Holistic Player Engagement, Scalable Platform Solution, Limitless Ecosystem Possibilities
Shaping the next generation of lottery experience LotosX Omni is a unified lottery proposition that enables seamless gaming journeys across all player channels, providing advanced and reliable omni-gaming solutions. The long standing žžƵ’s lottery experience, together with the proven high performing and reliable retail and digital solutions provide with the LotosX Omni proposition, a unique offering that enables lotteries to embark on the Digital Transformation journey, rapidly and securely and adapt to the changing player environment.

LotosX Omni is at the heart of the new žžƵ gaming solution. Combines žžƵ’s well established and reliable, secure industry-leading lottery proposal, designed on a microservices architecture, with principles of scalability, modularity, and extendibility, for the benefit of gaming operators and players. Is enabled to support cloud or hybrid technology infrastructure models and consist of a future proof, modular architecture that delivers a holistic, omni-channel experience.
In a nutshell, LotosX Omni proposition, provides a unified player account management system, that allows lotteries to engage on a seamless and consistent player experience across all channels by transforming integrated user data and analytics to a comprehensive view of player behavior.
LotosX Omni provides the enablement of digital journeys playbook, which provides a strategic framework to the Lottery operators to use and plan, to design and optimize their digital players experiences. It outlines the key stages and touchpoints of the player's journey, focusing on how to engage and interact with them effectively across various digital channels based on responsible gaming rules.