Sales & Marketing

Growing Together

"Responsibility – along with the gaming experience – are the core elements that drive our marketing strategy and we work 24/7, monitoring our player’s behavior as closely as possible, to safeguard that they maintain within a healthy and entertaining gaming environment."
Group Marketing Director

Supported by our global marketing resource center, which offers global insight and strategic perspective, our local marketing teams deliver a full range of expert consulting and marketing services throughout the contract term of our customers.

Market Research and Analysis
We continuously enrich and deepen our understanding of the player by analyzing millions of customer-initiated transactions that we enable globally. We also stay in touch with player preferences and habits, by analyzing consumer responses to market research commissioned and conducted in various countries across the world. Using insights gained through over 30,000 questionnaires, we assist our customers in addressing opportunities and optimizing gaming performance and effectiveness.

Game Design and Analysis
We never stop testing new gaming concepts (30 per year on average) to maintain the appeal of our games’ library across diverse markets. Moreover, we tailor every single game to meet the particular needs of each operation.

Marketing Communication
Based on the specific communication requirements of each gaming operator, we design and develop bespoke marketing strategies and communication concepts, including advertising, branding, media buying programs, promotions and merchandising.

Sales Network Design and Development
We offer specialized knowhow and experience in designing, developing and implementing extensive and efficient sales networks.